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Medical Social Worker

Our Medical Social Worker is directly involved with families who are struggling through death or acceptance of an illness. They look after the families by letting them know of community resources and support systems that help them get by with their conditions.

Services include:

  • Provide coping strategies in social, psychological, emotional issues that come along with the disease or condition
  • Explain health care options and resources to the professional staff and the family
  • Give education on the nature of the specific condition and risk factors
  • Give referral to organizations that can give follow-up care such as counseling, etc.
  • Provides access to use of health care assistance within the community

With this type of service, you are ensured that you have someone who has full knowledge of public social systems. We are experts at providing to you all available means to overcome an injury or illness. To seek this assistance, please contact us at - (219) 922 - 0814.

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